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Adele Zane – Voice
Todd Isler – Percussion
Jorge Roeder – Bass
Jordan Perlson – Drums

1. It Never Entered My Mind
2. Ruby Tuesday
3. That’s the Way
4. Two Different Worlds
5. Darn That Dream
6. Where or When
7. In the Darkest Place
8. A Stranger in Town
9. Because of Toledo
10. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
11. Girl at the Bar

Adele Zane – A Stranger in Town

I arranged, co-produced and played all guitar tracks on vocalist Adele Zane’s new project. As much in the pop world as the jazz without losing the best qualities of each genre. Standards (but not your uncle’s standards) and covers of That’s the Way (Led Zepplin), Ruby Tuesday (The Stones), In the Darkest Place (Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello), and Because of Toledo (Blue Nile).

This was a fun project to work on because it combined a sense of the familiar with some new twists. The standard “jazz” tunes all got a makeover influenced by the “rock” world (albeit with clean guitar sound). I broke out the slide for the solo on It Never Entered…, and used delay to create a pad for Where or When.

Ruby Tuesday, on the other hand, got a brand new harmonic treatment and Two Different Worlds, a somewhat obscure standard, went full on Nashville 1967.