Lessons from my former site, Chops Factory, recreated here and organized by lesson type:


Lessons on theory as they relate to jazz improvisation. Concepts about connecting ideas, and more!

Respelling Chords/Scales

Respelling Chords/Scales_ii

How to Use Triad Arpeggios in Solos

Diminished Scale Structures

More Diminished Scale Structures

Reharmonizing with ii-7 V7s from the Diminished Scale


Lessons on solo construction and some of the finer points of what makes a good solo.

Motivic Playing on Giant Steps

Motivic Playing on Giant Steps Part ii

Chords and Comping

Lessons on chord voicings and how to apply them.


Lessons on jazz related picking and fingering–ideas and exercises.

Picking Adjacent Strings

Picking Adjacent Strings Part Deux

Developing Rhythmic Accuracy