Lesson Nine • Developing Rhythmic Accuracy

One important aspect of improvising is maintaining rhythmic interest. A well-conceived solo consists of about 70% melodic ideas and 30% running eighth note lines. To have a broad range of ideas, you need to be able to play rhythmically.

Following is an exercise I stole from my book that will provide some practice. This involves playing the rhythm on one note, then with a melodic idea applied. Practice it with a metronome to make sure you don't speed up on the easy parts and slow down on the difficult sections. You could use the second line over an Eb7+4 or A7+4. Try creating your own melodic ideas to use with this rhythm


From a technical standpoint, this kind of rhythmic playing requires a different motion from the picking hand than eighth-note lines. The stop/start dictated by the rests means control is necessary.

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