Update: CD Release gigs:
Minneapolis, April 16 www.icehousempls.com/events/2018-4-16-implosion-green-hunton
Brooklyn, NY April 29 9:30pm www.shapeshifterlab.com/

I’m happy to announce the forthcoming release of a collective quartet I’m a part of this April on Shifting Paradigm Records. THE NOTET silent d was recorded over several sessions in 2016 “live” in the studio. The idea was to just improvise on some familiar tunes with no rehearsal, no arrangements, no planning, no drums, no separation, and on the resulting tracks there were no edits and no overdubs. 

This group prioritizes musicality and interplay over pyrotechnics, and many of the tunes feature an extraordinary amount of interplay among the four of us as opposed to individual solos (although those happen too).

You can order the CD from Shifting Paradigm Records
You can read more about the project here.

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